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I am grade 8 certified and hold a London College of Music Teaching Diploma. I can coach and prepare you for music GCSE's, RGT and Rockschool grades should you wish. 

Although I'm equally as happy guiding you on whichever musical path you are interested in following, whether playing at home or rocking up to an open mic to bash out a few songs.

Having many lessons over the years from a wide and varied range of teachers in the past has given me a teaching style that draws on my own experiences, good or bad, to give you a unique enjoyable lesson. From the first steps of gently strumming a guitar to gliding across the stage floor on your knees playing some awesome lead! 

Some of the musical styles that will be covered in your lesson are rock, blues, funk, reggae, folk, classical etc. all to help make you a 'well rounded' player.

Extra support is offered in-between lessons via Skype sessions, and I am also happy to answer questions, explain previous concepts learnt or even send small video snippets to help solve challenges you may be facing.

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