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Playing guitar in band

About Me

Neil Reed guitar teacher Leigh-on-Sea

I am a professional musician with a wealth of performing/touring/recording experience. I have shared the stage with all manner of big name performers and worked with well known music producers while playing in venues large and small across the UK. 

My influences are deep-rooted in early blues players like Muddy Waters, Son house, Robert Johnson to modern artists such as Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Eric Clapton. These players were a true inspiration to me in the beginning as I pursued the guitar. I recently went on a blues pilgrimage from the Deep South of America to Chicago. I wanted to experience the culture and discover more about these fascinating historical places. The cool vibe of the venues and musicianship of the artists, like Joanna Connor performing at The Goldmine and B.B King's All Star Band rockin' in Memphis was something I took home with me. I'll be going back one day!


I started out teaching guitar privately while working in the further education sector, but as my guitar student base grew from strength to strength I decided to teach full-time. To offer the best experience for my students I built a fully-equipped music studio, gained a teaching diploma from The London College of Music and completed my music degree.

I hope to pass on my devotion (and intense obsession) with the instrument to my students young and old, I truly hope they fall in love with the guitar, just like I did!

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