He who built the moon

I've always been a fan of Noel's songwriting and have really enjoyed his last two solo album releases NG's High Flying Birds and Chasing Yesterday. I managed to see Oasis just before they split at Wembley and have seen Noel in Nottingham and at The Royal Albert Hall recently, so would regard myself as quite a fan. Having just released the new album 'Who Built The Moon?' I thought I'd download it and give it a try out in the car. First impressions were, for the most part, great. It felt like a definite departure from earlier releases, which wasn't a surprise having read previews and opinions before I'd even listened to a snippet. So off I went with 'Black & White Sunshine' cranked up; an upbeat sing-along which suited my apparent stress-free journey, good start I thought..I feel the album will be a grower.

I admire Noel's experimental songwriting when creating new albums, he always moves forward with every release. Stand out tracks for me are 'Dead In The Water' and 'The Man Who Built The Moon' these two are Noel at his best and have been on repeat since first listening to the album. This album's divided opinion for sure, but I recommend you have a listen. Noel's songwriting is a masterclass in itself.

I look forward to catching up with the High Flying Birds in Brighton on the 22nd April.

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