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Welcome to my new blog page, I will be posting regularly about all things music related. So..without further ado - here is my first post!

Practising..some people enjoy it, some don't do it, some want to do it and others don't have time for it, although we all in some way want to get better.

but did you know..

You can improve and accomplish great things with as little as a few minutes of daily practise, yes you read that right, 2 mins!

Renowned cello performer and teacher Hans Jørgan Jensen (who's students regularly land spots in professional orchestras around the world) once had a student who could only afford one or two minutes practise a day. The etude was difficult and moved at a fast tempo, so together they mapped it out and set mini goals that were extremely focussed. After adopting this strategy for six weeks, the student was able to play the piece to a good standard.

Harnum, J. D. (2014) The Practise of Practise. 1st ed. (n.p): Sol Ut Press.

What have we learned from this? Anyone can improve with small structured goals - Try it!

For more info about Hans seeørgen-jensen.html

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